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has reached the invalid, it is often quite different from what it is pretended to be.
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test was used as an index of the impairment of carbohydrate
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epigastric pain. They occur every morning and they become
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second day, or about thirty-six hours after the first spoonful of
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a negative or doubtful pathology, and the results of which may
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It behoves the medical officers of the navy to consider more
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control would have been the best means for settling this impor-
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of acupressure, and considers its introduction as great an
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this truth does not rest on mere inferential authority; for we have the most
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we realize that while a remission would follow upon some measure
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peared ; the fingers are united together like the toes of a frog ; and in the ribs,
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Nitrite of Amyl as an Antidote to Strychnia. — We have ourselves
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12th, 1867. His state was too grave to admit of much examination,
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methods of diagnosis have brought forth a considerably greater
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nephritis ; the chief microscopical difference being the hyaline,
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as we do the very large amount of live stock in the United
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during life, which previously could be but roughly guessed at,
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through a tube and by enemata, and in a short time perfectly
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its proximate cause depends upon a lesion of the spinal cord, which
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the Lenox Hill Hospital Eye Chnic, examined by doctors Krug
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special treatment. An hysterical condition often prevails after
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being satisfactorily explained, to be the least dangerous.
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of all animal flesh in imparting life and health, say to these things?
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have strong claims to be placed in this category, as being mon-
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as the first step to the sympathetic ophthalmia. The indication
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During the next six months the man felt fairly well, and a
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snow. A great part also of the period under consideration has
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preservation of the southern character of the place, are the mag-
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becomes hardened or ossified, in the same manner as ossification of the bones takes
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grees pernicious to health ami longevity. The dual flying from the metal in volumes
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cerous ? suspect grub of the liver ? copious and sudden discharges from the liver
tive fluid, was found in the abdominal cavity. A tumour covered
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vagina, first brought into notice by Kluge and Jacquemier, con-
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Case 6. — John B — y set. 31. Came to me in March, 1866,
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compare the cases which present marked eye mischief with those
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Phesin (fe'sin). CeH3.0.C2HBS03Na.NH.C0.CH3; a patented, red-
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The fits of asthma are brought on by almost anything which increases the action