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cases it can be prevented by the simple expedient of
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attending the nearly simnltaneons appearance of the disease in two vessels
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seemed to me prudent to embrace a considerable depth of soft parts in the liga-
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but more apparently in the vertical one, because it is the greater of the two; the
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disease now being really local, its further manifestation will in a
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When we have reviewed the results at which MM. Galezow-
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terranean, with wide streets foil of life, and no lack of magni-
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medical literature, in comparison with the frequency of the disease in many
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of conception. But in this case the peculiar condition induced by lactation could
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Marsh's apparatus, in the liver, although putrefied, and the parts examined
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opposite of that which experience has proved salutary in aortic valve disease,
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been rather worse than usual; that the convulsive twitchings had extended to
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put a stop completely to all pulsation in the tumour of the right orbit, and but
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demarcation between the altered and unaltered portions, and
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ing by corrosive substances; the internal were whitened and
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duced which he confidendy considers arsenical. Orfila, in his reply to
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curial ointment to one half of the face of a patient, leaving the remainder un-
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those containing caffeine, such as tea, coffee, mat^. Of these,
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have involved much exposure and fatigue, he has had no return of the dis-
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The primary objects of investigation in legal medicine during the last
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But this simplicity of arrangement cannot always be observed; for it often
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five (viz., Nos. 9, 10, 56, 63, and 67) had suffered from two pre-
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been performed in early life. Hence he considered the latter period more
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Of the causes of death we must content ourselves with
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to the court as arsenical. Orfila, Sene, Payen and Raspail were appointed
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both of these are fragments of lectures intended to be accom-
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way involved in the disease. Dr. Maats sums up the cases in
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sac was, therefore, rapidly effected. To close the opening, the end of the index
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stagnant fetid ditch, into wnich all sorts of household impurities
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been able to obtain any intelligence of him for several months past; but the
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that lymphoid tissue, wherever found in the body, serves