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cleansed after each examination. Freshly slacked lime mixed with pow-
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with vaselin, that it is a good anesthetic and will often allay itching
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pyloric orifice, and the symptoms will be those of advanced age,
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and a general bad hygienic condition favor the development and spread of
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tory sound excludes the presence of pneumonic consolidation. Vocal
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when in the animal organism ; without capsule in cultures. Does not melt
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arm outward from the body, and the counter-extending force may
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induce acute dilatation in a heart possessing but little reserve power.
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pain being greatest as the fluids pass through the upper j)ortion of the
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Treatment. — The patient should immediately be swung by his heels
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teething, and impressions of external cold are usually assigned as causes ;
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gravitation determines the lobular iDueumonia, and it is not infrequently
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erable time, only a small amount can be withdrawn without producing a
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readily made out. Spirochetal is where the spirilla form in
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knee, or ganglia which happen in connection with extensor tendons on