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— reflex action — and are not strictures in fact, as no pathology

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were returned and the abdomen was stitched up. The child's


otomy-posture a three-inch incision was made, extending from the inner

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rupture the membranes. This led Stapfer to devise an instrument resembling

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of the drug, or at best dismiss it with a few words. The odor,


tient would have been as easily matched up as any other normal human

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The heart is usually affected with an aortic or mitral bruit, but, strange

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fibroma, with remarks on diagnosis and treatment. The opinion is expressed

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mined. These nerve elements are probably derived from Meiss-

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lack upon the whole the most essential of all virtues, which is

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must be incapable of retention by trusses. He has collected nineteen cases

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"As for getting rid of large fibrin masses, it is conceded by most

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These experiments have a practical bearing, for in intramuscular injections

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plate, and that it is considered better to try to convert a compound fracture

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have provided ourselves with such a practical and full understand-

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relief. I explained to her that she had no vagina, but she refused opera-

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control this evil habit, which is a more serious evil than any

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character are more favorable to oxidation and rapid decay than clay or

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pain in the neck, lumbar, and sacral regions and in the extremities are almost

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weeks if necessary; this allows the uterine supports time to recover their tone

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had been removed. The growth had recurred and involved the

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the end ; and to those who may be tempted by the prospects of a

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centimeters, containing a heavy precipitate of urates and 17.5

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having various general diets typed in advance and these with minor

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with presentation of the head, and was delivered as far as the umbilicus;

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persistence. The probability of peritonitis is, to a certain extent, in propor-