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Only one case had been published pre^■ious to my researches, and the
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four hours. On February 1 7th, she was no better. All medicine was
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surgeon of his day. In the time we speak of, Frank-
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at the crises quite suddenly to two or three degi'ees below the standard
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recent extensive rupture with bleeding margins, through which the
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tured leg. Hey's amputation of the foot, of which I saw two cases,
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jacent parts, or in cases slightly adherent to the latter.
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with the movement of the heart — a character differentiating it from the
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and watching the progress of the Medical Acts Amendment Bill, and
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personally delivering their Specimens, are earnestly requested to forwaid
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Registrar-General is ready to fulminate against it. Much injury .and in-
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as in previous sessions, owing to the difficulty of arranging the meetings
nineteen miles of fortifications which encircle this capital. Within three
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during exertion he felt something give way, and he found the scrotum
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tumours can be operated on with success. The animal is chloro-
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not positive as to his exact time. Many of the early
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Mr. Bartrum and Dr. Spender — "That it is desirable that the
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increasing disability, wage-earning power left. I took
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the forearm or antibrachium {consisting of two bones) ; and the hand.
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falling, and could spring over low obstacles. The bowels and kidneys
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relieve the surgeon from an embarrassing and perhaps doubtful opera-
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Such being the case, what Dr. Billing states of hysteria in general is
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description, together with a short reference, for insertion in the Cata-
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evening. The temperature began to fall. Respirations 26, pulse 72,
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A**\r,^ ' *'^^ ir i *-x^-. rt 1.1 1*?: V.-^- i^t tT i'^s-^IIi* I»!*?-2L:*!r i^ Ir*!^ It^
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especially at night, or when it rose after having remained long in one
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November. While it was being led into the ambulance an abscess in
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practitioners prefer the ecraseur ; by cutting sufficiently slowly the
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scientific principles, and adapted with careful design to each particu-
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sutures were passed through the skin. The testicle weighed five ounces.
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disease. The various forms of pneumonia, the typhoid form of
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facility, and an absence of pain to the patient which seem little short of
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During convalescence death is sometimes produced by granular or
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A. E. Durham, P. Le Neve Foster, and Dr. R. Braithwaite, were
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rapidly harden the gutta percha it was irrigated for some minutes with
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Case 15. Parrot showing a horny tumour of conical form at the
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a few remarks on their pathology, in order the more ftllly to elucidate
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either plan, the committee were of opinion that a sufficiently large quan-
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cases the tumour developed towards the base of the sheath, and
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This is to certify, that for the past two years I have been afflicted with the dis-
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to be called rest. In all respects the Newcastle meeting has made
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ries and been severely contused. Between two and three years ago, he
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(about 14), who is similarly, but more, affected. She can no longer
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ciable : we therefore can only infer that the high temperature was due
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well-known religious reformer, is to be present, and will address the
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idle forced to work, and the industrious helped to higher success, is
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intendent of Guy's Hospital, was summoned to the Borough Police
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tions which encircle Paris. These stations are in airy situations; and
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super-Mare Hospital and Fever Wards, and other objects of interest.
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