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ment of complications are made essential factors in the course of

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Pathological Anatomy, Pharmacy, Therapeutics, Special Pathology,

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for full period of Medical or Surgical practice, £21 ; imlimited, £21.

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Hedioine under the first seotion, without having previously obtained the degree

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details it is impossible to speak of here, are not infrequently associated cerebral

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is termed amnesic or sensory aphasia, because it is due to complete or partial

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are frequently to be recommended. Subsequently sea bathing is urgently to

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The disease usually occurs in youth and middle life. It is undoubtedly

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(9) Why is concentrated inilk usually ccmdensed at a relatively

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laid aside. The patient is to be brought to the conviction that the pain is

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^.gn-..anpe'Lurrpa1iL';Uar^ Pasteurization. There are several types of ultra-

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general conditions than where there are marked nervous disturbances in special

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hot water, and which decomposes if the morels be dried. Morels that have been

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Diabetes insipidus is a disease of very infrequent occurrence, and is de-

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is soluble in fats. Narcotics and other symptomatic remedies may also be

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Aivaneed PraeOcal cowrse: Three days a week, £4 4s.; five days a

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contrary to their usual meaning. Thus, we have often seen patients nod their

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tion of carbohydrates does not raise the respiratory quotient in diabetes, as it

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tacks of circumscribed cortical epilepsy there is no disturbance of conscious-

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and an Imperial GoUege of Medicine granting a diploma. Anyone may

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Fleming, Joan, s, a, Bloomington. A.M. (Oberlin C.) '28.

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them Indirectly in such foods as pastries, breaded foods, and many other cooked foods.

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" perfectly well " ; but in general we are usually inclined to attribute to these

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temporal arteries are dilated and pulsate strongly, there is sometimes unilat-

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The extent of the whole process varies very much in different cases. It is

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often make the patient close his eyes and then count the number of times

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With reference to its anatomy, the disease may be defined as an acute in-

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scribed, say 15 to 20 drops of laudanum, several times a day. It is also im-

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destruction of nerve fibers as well, which, however, is not to be wondered at,

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quent in children. Sex seems to exert a decided influence; men are much

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rarily, recurring with catatonic symptoms. The prognosis also seems some-

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