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weak sulphurous springs, identical with the mildest sulphur

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Orthopaedic, W., 10 ; Throat, Tu. F., 1.30; Skin, M. Th., 9.:iO;


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" humoral " views which had been advanced, doubted if these

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has for the eighth time in succession received the Govern-

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lation which follow them: Smallpox, 0.005 ; typhus, 0.05; diphtheria,

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colonies, which are of course farther apart in the case of the

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!' French KernluUein, vol. i, Pk. iv. Chapter iv, p. 107.

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measure until last year, wiien the Bill was passed, but in so mutilated a

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covery follows, it is full and complete if the remaining kid-

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and of the wretched accommodation provided for them was a disgrace to

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heads the list with 1,254, Munich comes next with 1,136 ;

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teeth, has her mouth nearly closed by rheumatic anchylosis of the

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showed presented changes identical with those which had

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broncho-pneumonia, from which he never fully recovered,

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would amount to no less than about £.i.00o, this sum representing the

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statute makes it illcga,l lor a i^crsou not a chemist to sell aoy of the

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of antiseptics to be most marked. The prevention of the ac-

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.3s. per diem per patient, and contribute £1,031, and i'200

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diplomas. I am sure you would not include such gentlemen among

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Mr. Mayo Robson's summaiy of the indications for surgical

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Tn. F., 1.30; Children, S., 1.30; Dental, Tu. F., 10. Operation

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Act. Passing on, the Professor explained the powers of the

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of the governors, have delayed the occupation of all the beds.

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this number, as tlie Registrar-General points out, represents

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K. Tnii", London Hospital ; and J. H. Yearsley, St. Thomas's

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Thompson, Mr. M., appointed Medical Officer for the Boxmoor District

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men, and in addition a large number who have gone tlirough

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rapidly putrefies when withdrawn from the refrigerating

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Middlesex. Hoitrs of .^/te/irfmicc— Medical and Surgical, daily, 1.30 ;

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which did not quite reach the cardiac orifice, but on opening

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Harveian Society in 1831. Two great discoveries at the

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upon the increase of pauperism by legislative enactment."

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was erected some years ago in a period of panic, and false

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The TuJ)€rcido&is Comniission.—Mv, H. Fowler, in answer to Viscount

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liowever they contrived to be unanimous power of sensible motion. If we be

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■Western Road, Aberdeen, .f. The Newer [Kebhods of Colotomy. by Pro-

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A Method of Extehsion for Shortei3d Limbs ... ... ... 1326

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Our Secret Friends and Foes. Expanded from lectures delivered before

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of 1S8S, C. S. slipped whilst running round a corner, and fell

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Hospital. Maidstone, Mr. M A. Adams in the chair. Gent emen desirous

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charged after from two to four months' residence in a hospital