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type, though many are cells with abundant cytoplasm. The neighboring parenchyma
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J. Taber Johnson, J. E. Mason, Committee; C. A. Gray, M.D., Sec.
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with spotted fever. In more than one-half of all these pigs hemor-
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tuted, — wliich, if successful, is liable to the doubts wliich involve
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The subjects treated of are — Hallucinations and Illusions ; the
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that it is much less constant in its effect in aortic valvular lesions, par-
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parison between and the relative advantages and disadvantages of the
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VII. Two examples of scirrhus of the female breast, which
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necessary to discuss before taking up the dietetic therapy of diabetes-
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is made to breathe compressed air by means of Waldenburg's apparatus.
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however, is the use of [tepid] cool, and cold baths, the principles under-
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this organism is not a normal habitant of the dog's respiratory
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or completely saturated with ether, a condition which presumably
The operative therapy of hydrops in the serous cavities includes the
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of liquid ingested, including milk, and the exclusion of common salt,
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The minimum duration of feeding necessary for a tick to infect
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days segregated at one end of the row. The stalls were covered
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but also as an antispasmodic. It consists of colorless, odorless crystals
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reports, in order not to disturb and confuse our records of real
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[We are glad to be able to place before our readers the first
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There are some points in the pathology and therapeutics of this
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healthy during the period of the tests but the other herds all included individuals which
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condition of a town or district, is no mere theory ; places like the
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the congested part of the limb below the ligature. Carbolic acid
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Animal inoculations.— 1. .\ guinea-pig weighing 400 gms. received 2 c.c. of a
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he feels quite well. He has been working a little, and can put his
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Similar experiments were performed with our cultures of the