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Dr. F. T. Lord: I think there are three symptoms which are most

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hip. The fractures under discussion are almost always produced by

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the necessary factor, namely, thrombokinase, is liberated into the

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easily than it can get out. Stagnation of the air results, the pressure

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very laborious to make a standard solution by means of bilirubin solutions

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that if uniform irradiation is desirable the small or point source is the

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wall. Romberg especially pointed out the fact that if the heart

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so important a case by employing in the Institution those mea-

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calis, upon an attempt to introduce the catheter, a nixus or

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examination showed the lesions characteristic of epidemic encephalitis,

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so great a loss. The pulse of the patient for the first forty-

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size to about 15 cm. from above downward, 6 cm. from side to

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containing media so satisfactory for B. influenzae. The substance X, to the

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none of whom apparently knew about each other's work. Schles-

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the "indurative bronchiectasis," in which a thickened membrane

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there was a severe cough with bloody expectoration, increase of

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who can only be made clean and comfortable against their

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symptoms are absent and the cases then become so atypical,

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as determined by such methods as the precipitation of albumin

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when the cat is quietly walking about. The condition remains unaltered

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The dogs after a prelimiiuiry short excitement, vomited, urinated,

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we consider that the mortality is chiefly among the cases due to

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angle of 15 degrees, so as to avoid undue movement of the pelvis in walking.

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bristles. Tenth Experiment. The nose of a wild rabbit was cut

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tracted. There is excessive retraction of the upper eyelids not only upon

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Budge (2). tlber den Einfluss des Nervensystems auf die Bewegung der Blase.

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to the chronic lesions caused by X-rays are seen ; leucopenia especially is

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and the duration shorter than in scarlet fever, with its more definite

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with arterial hypertonus. Such headache may have one of three expla-