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microscopic investigations, which he has commenced with the view of

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mediaeval and antiquated fashion of combining the clerical and the

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quired before the simplest practical sanitarj* problem can be reasonably

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years, many times more than a whole staff of medical teachers taught at

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living. It was shown that the coastal counties in which a low mortal-

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somewhat parochial feeling which is tending to a multiplication of local

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expended in relieving pauperism, in detecting and in punishing crime,

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weight of hajmoglobin, composed of 54. 2 carbon, 21.5 oxygen, 16.O

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larly deficient in facts. What was required was not merely ingenious

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the form of dust, already existing in the apartment, acting as carriers of

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kind whicli I saw, or at any rate the first which attracted my attention

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THE VICKY WATERS COMPANY, 27, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square,

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great deal of what was good in the Bill, and it is quite absurd to sup-

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theaiKlominal cavity. The rent extended from the fundus quite through

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for instance, we have for the moment as many French as German.

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and "Physician" in England, do not appear, I think, until the thirteenth

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and he avowed his intention of introducing to the consideration of his

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to cause his name to be widely known and respected, and his loss to be

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to this extreme opinion from their experience of the scandalous laxity

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of treatment, of which such remarkable effects are detailed, has been

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munication from the hospital to the railway-station and the hotel at

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the health of their host. [This was received with three cheers, and one

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of the Northumberland and Durham Medical Society, under whose

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Thomas's Hospital. In this case, there was a large aperture in the

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remarked that Dr. Stirling, in arguing against the universal identity of

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towns and townlets, having altogether a population of over two mil-

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ham, about 17 per i,ooo, correction being made for visitors, sailors, etc.

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