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had been operated on for appendicitis due to chronic constipa-

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62 'Ulcer of the Placenta ; Umbilical Cord Severed Before Blrtb.

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Manipulation, Palpation, and Percussion. — Digital

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Cuts 1, 2 and 3 are from Dr. Moore's Case No. 4. Cut

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New Point of View. A. Bieb. — The many severe symptoms

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S. 4171 passed by the Senate and now pending In the House. . It

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the abscess bursting through the umbilicus. The ages

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lines of treatment will be answered in these columns.]

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70. — Appendicitis. — Brewer reports cases illustrating the

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and unanimously recommend it for adoption by this Asso-

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attacks of tubo-tympanic catarrh grew more severe and

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In relation to other pericardial lesions it comprises a

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cells in the posterior horns of the cord. Two cases are -re-

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No response to Faradlc current ; contraction with galvanism. Re-

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ment thus recognizing the claims of women physicians, the

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contemplate with pride the rapid increase of your Jour-

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attention the article by Dr. Amberg, "The Present Status of Inter-

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nations, with similar results. The efforts of sanitation,

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greatly Indebted to Dr. W. T. Harris, the Commissioner of Educa-

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he could neither name objects nor people. He says that

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rado; John F. Fulton, Minnesota; T. J. Happel, Tennessee.