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and it is advantageous to use one with eight or twelve plates, each
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digestive tube, which are liable to become acrid, and consequently a
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concur, often ushered in by a rigor (during which I have known the
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bacillus, for this is to some extent a measure of the resistance on the
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either stimulants or debilitants, but strongly upheld the view that all
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will at the same time commence a preliminary course of Osteology.
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to anthrax, becomes susceptible to this disease in a marked degree, if it
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in the fluids or tissues of the body. He also showed that five minutes
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affection had just been preceded by inordinate locomotive activity, and
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intestinal obstruction ; the symptoms pointed to an obstruction of the
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tion, which, I confess, have converted me from my former infidelity on
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to increase the action of the skin or kidneys. It cannot be relied upon
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The disease always spreads from the throat to the skin, or vice versa, by
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The eyes sometimes suffer. The commonest affection is dimness of
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MortalUy of Military Men in the Bengal Army. — In the last twenty
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A private nurse needs special neatness and refinement, so as to
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the later stages of the disease petechiae are not uncommon, or extensive
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of the sun have great power of heating the human body and other solid
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of leucocytes and destruction of these together with the fixed cells of the
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ber will be limited, and each student will have an opportunity of becoming prarttcally acquainted
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most commonly the left femoral vein, but may affect other veins, as of
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the organisms or formed by the action, fermentative or otherwise, of the
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fashioned chlorine mixture^ is the best way of giving the chlorate.
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paralysed side, and came to an end at an earlier date. The reverse was
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Dr. Withering first drew the distinction of the cases of hydropic effu-
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greater activity the tissues acquire an increased resistance to the action
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5. The organisms most frequently found were the streptococcus pyo-
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those supplied by pipe water (filtered) ; and greater in those houses
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6th. Errors in Diet. — The digestive mucous membrane, from its deli-
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patient, after this operation, was submitted to an external mercurial treat-
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whatsoever animal obtained, will immunise against diphtheria alone.
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distinguished by their affinity for fuchsin, and are met with, as was shown
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cases under treatment for three years or more. When the disease is of
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and inverted cylinder containing water. By means of pulleys and weights
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turbances of nutrition, often followed by death. In all cases of ablation
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one time it was supposed to be, and under ordinary conditions this mode
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about. The simplest mode of raising the bodily temperature of an animal
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Ixi. 1890. — 27. Brunton and Macfadyen. Rji/. Soc. Pruc. vol. xlvi. p. 542.
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tainly increased organ proteid destruction ; but according to Krehl, there is