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case. He mentions a particular form of pulse where nitro-

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to the Board, or such editor or agent as it shall appoint, all

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Anniversary of Pennsylvania Hospital. — The celebration

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time she was married three months ago. Suddenly, after

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due in the first place to the frequent association of

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poor girls and orphans were established. In the mean-

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cases. Hemorrhages from the nose, stomach and bowels are

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nourished, young-looking woman. The abdomen appeared quite

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that death was hastened by his removal, while he was in such

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finger ; the cervix is then examined, and its size, consis-

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plications and Surgical Treatment of Gastric Ulcers." Com-

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rupturing the membranes; and separation of the placental at-

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mical and even, although the pulse was 114 to 120 and the

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vulva, and pack above with sterile gauze. Over this gauze

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each of which had, by overt act, if not by open declara-

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much tea, coffee, and alcohol. Fish and poultry are good. To

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or irresponsible invalid. Another case of attempted

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Edition: Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders & Co. 1900.

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neighborhood of the center of £he city, just on the verge of the

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ing before the flrst breakfast, or else half the daily dose before

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The visitor to St. Paul is usually impressed by the

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The progress from the papular stage is with so great

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fairly well nourished, but with a somewhat sallow complexion.

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develop pari passu with all these changes; the sexual

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$300,000. The buildings erected will be the isolation ward,

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Report of Case of Unusual and Interesting Tertiary Mani

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efforts of your committee, and the delegates to the annual con-

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fever among her crew has not yet been ascertained, but the

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the soft cotton tampon or sponge, easier than the intro-

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sent in muscular dystrophy and spinal rigidity, and is exag-

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the pure drug alone by hypodermic injections, while

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gether with the condition of the patient before and after. In

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for other large American cities and less than 40 for European

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87 A Brief Resume of the Grosser Animal Nature and Its Appli-

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dean, and Drs. Graylord M. I-eslie and Warren D. Calvin were

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ease is great even from the very first day. Local palsies are