Use Of Hydroxyurea In Sickle Cell Patients

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for the North Carolina Practitioner. ''shad-belly,'''' dropsy, and tympanites. —

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ference in the time between the two cultures is probably due to the

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convulsions, and began to manifest some of the appreciable evi-

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ptyalism, would never have run into the malignant type, and would

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I gave her an emulsion of cod liver oil. '^e tubercle bacilli,

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deemed best to insert a short description of it here.

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treatment is somewhat experimental, the pathology and etiology

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of the eyeball. The inflammation excited by these causes soon

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given had one dose only, but that consisted of half an ounce of

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two of water every six hours, and to be fed on beef-tea.

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the hydrate of bromal was subcutaneously injected in doses

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paper (Zeitsch. f. Biologic, IV. B., 4 Hft. 1868), maintains that

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are always more or less benefited by treatment by alkaline

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the patient, and found that he had vomited half a pint of blood ;

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had, however, left the district, and it is not surprising that

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tracted diphtheria by blowing the masticated food into the

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To sum up. In the early months, if the operation be indicated,

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mild treatment, and many cases would doubtless do well without

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priapism, this calm disappears on the occurrence of reaction, and

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side of the heart and thence sent into the pulmonary arteries, ac-

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waste and locally in the treatment of Ulcers and Surface lesions.

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New Method of suturing the Intestine. — M. Berenger