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to a union district of a Licentiate of the Royal College of

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Speaker of the House of Representatives, George L. Smith, III, and the presiding

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health. He was also a magistrate for the city. It is under-

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3 Calculated from table given by Parkes, 3rd edition.

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eases of bones and joints, including abscesses, by means of

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The meeting will be held at the Institution of Civil En-

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Success of the Faith- Cures of the Laboratory, the Chapel, and

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English reader will have even heard of some of the authors

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of the great voluntary hospitals on the central board. Fur-

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amount of iron, entirely in the "ferric " state, with a mode-

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Tecent visit of the Lord Mayor of London to Dublin, and re-

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theria included 62 in London, 3 in Manchester, 2 in Cardifl", and 2 in

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could be classed along with these drugs, and as the latter

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aged 35, had a fit followed by paralysis and failure of sight,

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death, he was a professor of Clinical Medicine there.

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wards a young hypnotic woman wliom I had kept till the last

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mittee, the request was refused on tlie ground that questions

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classified, the considerable vogue which hasbeen given themby

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wounds. The results will, I hear, soon be published, and

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Miss Mary Garrett, completes the sum of half a million

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complete. In American practice the defendant's partial

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pital Saturday and Sunday Funds had not admitted this hospital to a

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blackwater fever was prevalent. The Plasmodium malarire

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annum, or about one seventh of the whole amount disbursed to the

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not be lavishly administered. He fully agreed with Dr.

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fell within this qualifieation. The remaining representatives