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give a cursory detail of the class of cases that have

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amnion fluid, etc. To partly obviate this evil, it has

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pay of, say, fom- deputy-inspectors from 1,575 rupees

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Ciesarean cases, several recoveries have taken place.

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Kingsley for cleft -palate, with the view of allowing

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tumour in the joint ; and at the end of fifty days the lady had the

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meeting, together with his answers to those objections.

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tain — that three out of the five (and these were

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stance (foetal and maternal portions as they were called) of the

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the teeth, and was attended, in most cases, with al-

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i we begin with the thighs, the chancres will be large,

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whether any practitioner in civil life has such need of extensive

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The treatment was first directed to the improvement

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mittee have laboured to benefit. The mUitaiy author-

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both at home and abroad, he maintained an interest-

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sufficient to ease inordinate pain ; keeping the bowels

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many yeai-s until quite recently, and now existed only

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i afford to each member of Council the opportunity of

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that it should be so, perhaps, as his office is not one

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at the entrance. I never saw the men bathers at all

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is so common an occurrence, and attends so many dif-

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