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the full solution of which may be slow in following upon the initial
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anginal seizure is a matter of some interest. Four of the ten
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So far as our own opinion is concerned, we have no hesitation to say,
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pressure on intravenous injection, and subsequent injections show
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senses have been engaged, whilst the higher powers of the intellect have been
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stool. When the liver parenchyma is damaged these changes in
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rhage is circumscribed, varying from a line to an inch in diameter; of a deep red
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December 27, 1883. The mother says he had "brain fever " when
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used, as any benefit obtained fVom them miglit have been attributed to its
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and the prominent early symptoms for 100 of the cases here re-
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Dog A, with cirrhosis of the liver, which was also kept under the
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their sincere thanks to Mr. Chase, for the manlj, open, and in-
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The cellular tissue is in every instance dense and engorged with fluids, which
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All the frank manifestations such as acute pain and swelling which
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is that through this treatment, as through no other to anything
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XXIII. Observations on the Causes and Treatment of Ulcerous Diseases of the Leg.
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before extracting with ligroin to remove indol derivatives and then
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1909. Loxgcope, Warfieli> T., 680 Madison Avenue, New York.
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in such cases, is the part of the umbilical cord which is ruptured,
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which will be given when the postmortem findings are discussed. This
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Other cases of less interest have been presented, but with these
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extremities are large and powerfully muscled, but the hands and feet are
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Annual Report to the President and Trustees of the Medical College of the State of
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Sketches of Dipsobiostatics, or a Politico-Arithmetical Exposition of the
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fore solidification could be effected of the newly formed structure contiguously
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The uterus and ovaries were very small; the latter barel)' distinguishable.
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Unless the purplish color of the gray matter and the abundant
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developed acromegalia, but as with the instance just mentioned
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may in rare instances be followed by spontaneous recovery. In
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of animals sensitized to foreign protein is, however, almost entirely
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embolism. Postmortem examination revealed a healed calcareous bacteria-
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information of the most valuable kind, and narrated in a harmonious
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typhoid fever among enlisted men of the army, stationed in the
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developed in reference to the forces which circulate the blood. It could not be