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day. However, this method of artificial dilatation is
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pital, in the room of G. Critcheit, Esq , resigned.
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which a fibro-cystic uterine tumour (a disease so rare as
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stances not requiring the Society's aid, he will have
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treated by calomel for second primary attack, 33 cases ;
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in case of dispute of the success of the operation, we do
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paracentesis, and did not recur until the globe resumed
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peat what, as it seems to us, is the fair and legiti-
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deaf and dumb offspring : — 1. That consanguineous
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representations of those who may have met with rebuke
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far that he could not make a legal claim for payment;
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exudation. The swelling and discoloration affected the
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vided by him into partial lobular, where a few air-
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was stertorous, and her pupils scarcely affected by light;
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in favour of a negative solution. One kind of wheat
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stance was afi'ected; but that superficial ulceration or
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is severe pain in the spinal region — all of which symp-
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8. When in a case of croup, seen at an early stage and
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those clauses in the charter of K. &Q.C.P.I. upon which
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The liver was congested, indurated, and had the nutmeg
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day before the attack, most of which she had eaten — in-
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in the chair. The total number of admissions, which in
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Her condition in the evening appeared more perilous;
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we therefore should deem ourselves justified in calling
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With Additional Pipes for all purposes, including the most perfect Eye Dauche and Ear Syringe.
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examining llie heart, it could be felt beating in its normal
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