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menced with the result that complete healing occurred within

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from those affected with the disease and from those who have inter-

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determined that, in our zone at least, the action of the sun's hot rays

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tions found in the skull and brain, which, however, like the mental

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It should be mentioned that the patient, during the interval

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tinence at night. There was penile pain, and the urine was

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dropsy sets in. The history of the case is almost invariably as follows :

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gerous symptom, the fever, quinine is almost infallible. After giving

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this form of arthrophlogosis. The latter consist chiefly of a loss of

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The catholicity of Burdon-Sanderson's attainments is further

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an opsonic index which is very high, and may reach as high

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tremely painful, and the few drops of urine which are expelled in short

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down is very great, so that, upon examination, it is not usual to find

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of the surrounding connective tissue, and causes firm adhesion of the

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little albumen flows through the capillaries of the system. Hence, an

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it is my impression that, with such fractures, mobility is

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guessing in such a case, and from the dangers of guessing

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childhood. The convulsions proceeding from the progress of acute

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ings, surrounded by a dark-red and infiltrated areola, which either do

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ANATOMICAL APPEAKANCES. It will be most convenient to

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acid, the stone enlarges, from the accretion and petrifaction upon it of

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scar, for the wound has generally healed by this time. The bite as-

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The influence of chronic uterine catarrh on the general health varies

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the tenth and twentieth years of life ; next to this, between the sec-

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cannot be referred to the chorea, but rather to some accidental com-

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In this form, also, the tissue-elements, which have broken down to a

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In the last few years much attention has been given to

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Under this head come the cases where the size of the brain gradually

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object the lowering of the specific gravity of the fluid, so that

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tients. For this purpose the simple ointments of lard ( 3 j), and sul-

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tendency to stone in certain countries, as England, Holland, and

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of the skin to the effect of cold and moisture. This accounts for

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tion of corrosive sublimate (gr. ij iv to water f vj) to mercurial plas-

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vessels and capillary hyperaemia of the stomach have disappeared at the

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violent (sympathetic) vomiting ; indeed, vomiting is a more constant

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and depicts the habit of erethitic scrofula as follows : " A skin of re-