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such as languor, loss of appetite, and diarrhoea, these do not prevent the charac-

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ham ; Mr. Wheelhouse, Leeds ; Dr. Campbell, Carlisle ; Mr. Crosby Leonard.

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pages to articles of a more directly practical character.

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tional labour, the scheme which I would suggest, if adopted in its

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Glasgow, Hanly, Henry, Lane, Luton, Macdonald, Moore, McLaughlin, Powell, Robertson^

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While it is no doubt true that amputation is sometimes too long delayed,

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nothing beyond the mere clinical details of these experiments have been

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report of Committee on Direct Representation, 1 97 ; Dr.

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this country to the practical investigation of the subject. T. S.

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weak, and the respiration hurried and panting. The usual restoratives were

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The Propagation of Scarlatina by vieans of the Milk-siiffly.

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the administration of the Hospital from its commence-

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hand over the property to the mortgagees if they choose to do so and if they cannot do

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ment having been repeated, it was ascertained that the muscular contrac-

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abscess of a superficial gland in the neck ; and, in one, a persistent

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practice and its results. Such works, we are sorry to find, are increasing in

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treatment, is ever the result of carelessness, and want of judgment on the

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the urethra. The fallacy of regarding these obstructions as spasmodic contrac-

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learned from him, that she is in good health and spirits, free from her former

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The President — I have a manuscript Register that I can erase them from ; but of course

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