we have to do merely Avith an over-production of grape sugar from

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ing, and when she recovers she feels as if her whole body had lost sen-

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forehead, linea alba, and nipples more particularly, and passes off

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details regarding the position in life of some of the cases

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ticularly in the right internal jugular, as this vessel descends in a direct


enforce his rights. But though the individual sums are

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because its disgraceful character must be obvious to every

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cranium. On the right side of the nock, by the posterior part of the

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The hlood-vessch are numerous and iml)cddcd in the trabeculse. A

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in the second the colour obtained was very rich — showing

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he may be listening, the cough itself has one and the same character,

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bacteria invariably get access to the contents of the vaccine vesicle.

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During the acute onset the patients often complain of severe pains,

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portion of the subscriptions of the members. The words are apparently

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Surgeon-Captain 0. T. Lane, Bengal Establishment, is appointed to the

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normal condition. This susceptibility may, by repeated attacks, end

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only by examining the urine under the micioscope that the

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found it to be a pure sulphite of lead, which sufficiently accounted for

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syphilitic cachexia, pulmonary tuberculosis, neurasthenia,

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don ; Dr, Leech, Manchester, (M) Mr, A, G. S, Mahomed, Bourne-

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The regulations allow two children in a 9 ft. by 4 ft. grave

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heat, which may become almost imbearable; this is usually accompanied

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Cold applications which he was using did not appear to relieve

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In the adult they are less firm, and never translucent in health ; the

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diHiKisition, begin to manifest an obstinate aversion to food in any form,

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maculatum as fool's parsley. We are informed that the statement he

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also they are subject to cough, with passive congestion of the bronchial

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